Young Israel of Toco Hills


At YITH, we feel part of a larger family and our shul is our second home. Come join us for Shabbat and experience the warmth of the Young Israel of Toco Hills in Atlanta, Georgia!

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Upcoming Events at YITH

Guest Scholar Rabbi Pesach Wolicki

YITH is honored to welcome Guest Scholar Rabbi Pesach Wolicki next Shabbat, January 21st. Rabbi Wolicki is Associate Director and Lecturer at the Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Efrat. Previously, he served as Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Yesodei HaTorah. For more information on opportunities to learn with Rabbi Wolicki please see the flyer.

8th Annual Cholent Cook Off

You are invited to judge the tastiest cholents in town at the 8th Annual YITH Cholent Cook-off on Shabbat, January 28th at kiddush. Many will enter, only one will win the Cholent Cook-off Champion Belt! Registration is open, sign up at!

January Birthday Kiddush

On Shabbat Parshat Vaera, January 28th,  we will celebrate all those with January birthdays.  If you’d like to co-sponsor this kiddush in honor of a friend or family member who celebrated a birthday in January please contact Leslie at or you may make a donation online at\donate.

Toranut Program at YITH

Thank you to all who have contributed, in different ways, to Young Israel of Toco Hills (YITH). We, the shul board, are proud to be part of this vibrant, engaged, and rapidly growing shul community.

In the spirit of building on the work of so many, and increasing broad engagement among our members, we are excited to share with you a new initiative, the YITH Toranut Program (YTP). At its core, YTP is an additional way of building community through shared responsibility for shul upkeep. It is also a way for us to show Kavod for our space, and for our custodial staff, by assisting them to help keep our shul clean and welcoming for all our members and guests.


Each member/family has been assigned 1 Shabbat morning during the year to help out at the shul. This includes assisting our custodial staff with Kiddush preparation, setup and cleanup and returning sefarim after services. Each week, Israel Gersten will send an email to the Hosts of Toranut with all the information needed.


We strive for 100% participation. However we recognize that certain people will require special dispensations due to certain circumstances. We have tried our best to identify those people already, however, if you would like a dispensation, please reach out to Israel Gersten, who will assist you.


Please see below the list of assigned weekends. If you cannot participate on your assigned weekend, we ask that you get another member to switch with you and then send an email to Israel Gersten at with the names of the families to be switched.


This program will help us strengthen our community through shared responsibility and at the same time, reinforce for us – and especially our children – the importance of showing kavod for our shul and our staff. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Israel Gersten at or call the synagogue office at (404) 315-1417.


Toranut Hosts for 2017 by DATE ASSIGNED

Toranut Hosts for 2017 by LAST NAME

Our New Building

The dream of our own Mikdash Me'at is now a reality! We encourage you to visit us and take note of the exceptional work done by our new building committee and the construction team.

Become a part of the process by pledging to the Capital Campaign today. Please contact the New Building Committee at for more information.

Mon, 16 January 2017 18 Tevet 5777